TUFT – tumbleweed

160107-HannesBrunner-tumbleweed                                             (Price of acceptance)

Berlin 2016: Project for art-in-architecture – Development: A robot prints filaments in the air. They are lines of different charts of algorithms from research laboratories. An elaborate programming will be printed by the robot in lines and curves of metal into the air. These are then combined to form ingenious tufts of different strands, filaments and rods. The robot seems to practice a self-fulfillment within the construction, possibly even wrap itself into the systems until it is degraded of the compounds … and is omitted. A filigree, open bundle of loosely interlocking intricate, colored metal strands and curves adorn henceforth the spaces in front of the building. They will complement the architecture in a refreshing and trendsetting way.


160107-HannesBrunner-rob-tumbleweedTechnical details: Industrial robot by ABB with extruder (by MX3D Lab Amsterdam)