Suburban Entity: Interview

Suburban Entity: Interview

Interview with a member of the community board at a Hamlet on Long Island

Hi, I thank you for meeting me here in the entrance hall of the community center. I am curious to get some more information about the housing project.
What is the specifics of the people living here rightnow?

a lot of elderly people, but also young families.
Kids are not allowed to play on the streets,
however there is a meeting place for teenies where they can apply.

Is it a total secure system?
In case anybody wants to sell his property, the following owner has to accept all conditions, from before?

—Properties are sold whenever they prefer to —

How many people live in the Hamlet now?

About a 1000 in 370 units

Are there plans to expand?

There is no place to expand. The idea is to keep it that way, contained.

Original plans came from where?


What do you think should be done better in case one would start over again?

There is nothing, what could be done better.

Is there any kind of social inner structure and groups within the community?

They can make appointments for gaming here at the community center with everything (spa, healtclub, etc.)

For instance now over the holidays, were there any kind of common events planned?

There was a uge New Years Eve party here at the center.

Technically: Everything wired?

With Intranet to spread informations for the inhabitants, with no access for any other, and then internet, also for people who basically work out of their homes here. But there is no right to put any kind of business sign in the neighbourhood here.

How is the time of the life structure within the community?

There is no time wiselife structure, but the kids are not supposed to play on the streets. However there is only traffic of inhabitants.

Would it be possible to hand out some forms of suburban entity project in the neighbour here?

NO! There is NO way that you could molest the privacy of the residents here, protected by our board.
– In case you will do it, we will have to call the police.