Search engine’s bodily reply

An Internet site search engine’s bodily reply turns questions into boxes of images. Responses pulled out from the Internet are presented as a world of pictures. The original informations are turned into visual messages, not necessarily to decipher, however open for any interpretations. They are transferred accordingly into an abstract construction. A visual pattern is developed with a code as base.

For an exhibition participants (students from the American University in Dubai) used a number of riddles to be unraveled, some poems from “The Diwan” by Persian poet Hafiz (14th Century] and sociological texts about the construction of Cities by Ibn Khaldun (15th Century). The selected words and phrases then are represented as boxes of images.

Eventually one will not “discover” the original text. Nevertheless, the view of the installation functions like an impression of the texts.

It might animate the viewer’s curiosity for either viewing the countless pictures, the architectural construction or enjoying fantasizing about their own interpretations, allowing approaches towards the development of patterns through
media, producing geometrical rhythmical figures.

The project is an ongoing investigation about the common sense of visual communication as a tool to decipher or un-decipher messages. It pulls apart and constructs new versions of data and processes, how communication can be visualized with globally digitally accessible resources.