One Life, One-Mile: in Rome

The longest apartment building in Rome is documented as a sculptural installation by presenting a variety of perspectives: The vantage points are external and architectural views, as well as personalized interior interpretations shown through videos made directly by inhabitants of the building.


The building: Quartiere Corbiale, via Poggio Verde (via Mattei/via Portunese)

Coordination and architecture by: Mario Fiorentino, with Romano De Simoni, Maurizio Montani, Elio Piroddi a.o.


Considering the problematic situation of a publicly criticized housing project the concept of “One Life, One-Mile: in Rome” is to experiment with a definition of sculpture as documentation. In relation to the landscape the building has a strong linear character and could be objectively seen as a sculpture as opposed to an apartment building.

1-life-1-mile-1 1-life-1-mile-2

The inside view is an important part of the project and it is documented with the results of proposals given to the inhabitants. These interpretations characterize the sociology of this living sculpture as an anthropological and architectural collaboration. The result is a form shaped simultaneously by the life inside the structure as well as the intentions of the architects who constructed the building.

“One Life, One-Mile: in Rome”, documentation as sculpture, is a choreographed accumulation of materials about city planner’s intentions crossed with the realistic facts of life needs, which inevitably shape the prefabricated architectural conditions.

“More than a building, the intervention of the ‘Quartiere Corviale’ (known as the house which is one kilometer long) is born like ‘part of a city’, or better, like the last inhabited fort of the city, just before the green of the countryside begins. Because of its character, site and its extreme dimension one cannot forget the lack of facilities and non-effective public services, which have never been completed on the inside of this ‘town’, inhabited by 8000 persons.”


Installation at Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil, Collection Bosshard, CH

Contemplation on the accurate situation of the real building, published at Tages Anzeiger in 2005