Five Tips of a Robot

Remaining parts of a robot’s outline: Robots are casual, they are not magicians, they might have a mind of their own. They are part of a human world shaped through labour.November 2017; Q.arma Building, Minneapolis –

During a teaching exchange between the University of Minnesota and Weissensee Academy of Art Berlin Hannes Brunner shaped a regular industrial robot, which actually is programmed to control and give orders to improve human labor. In quasi he is not a servant but a manager with determined parameters. He will now be honored in iron plates.

The work was realized with great help by the students of the foundry at the

University of Minnesota, Department of Art Regis Center for Art East

A special Thank you shall be addressed to:
Tamsie Ringler, Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Foundry, UMN Department of Art

Thanks also to:

  • Lynn Tjernan Lukkas, Professor and Chair, Department of Art UMN
  • Chris Larson, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of  Art, UMN
  • Jonathan Query, Q.arma Building
  • John Quinn, President, PRI Robotics & Automation, Plymouth MN